Fall in love with the new way of learning

All the courses on ProxyNotes have been designed from ground up keeping in view the needs of the students we all are. The ones who don't alway understand things in terms of grammer and illegible language. Our courses are presented in a fun and interactive way so you don't doze off and understand the stuff all at once. We promise to never let you sleep while stduying. Ever.

Fun Learning

We make the course as interesting as possible. It's filled with stories from your daily lives and once you have learnt those topics once, you just cannot unlearn that topic.

Focus on Concepts

We at ProxyNotes strictly believe that the education is not cramming facts and figures. It's undestanding the concepts and applications. We won't ever ask you to memoriese, ever.

Instructor Support

When you buy our course, we also offer direct access to the instructors, so when in doubt, just book a doubt session and ask away your doubts with the course instructors. As simple as that!

Moneyback Guarantee

In case you don't like our course, we offer a 7 days full money back guarantee. No questions asked. We realise that different students might have different ways of learning and respect that.

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